MinervaX announces investment of 4.4 mEUR

MinervaX announces award of 4.4 mEUR in investment from Novo Holding's REPAIR Impact Fund and Sunstone Life Science Ventures for further clinical development of the company's vaccine against Group B Streptococcus.

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MinervaX announces results from Phase I clinical trial

MinervaX announces positive results from Phase I trial in 240 healthy adult women with its innovative Group B Streptococcal (GBS) vaccine to prevent life-threatening infections in newborns.


Innovation Foundation Grant

MinervaX announces that the company has been awarded a grant worth DKK 4.1 million (EUR 0.6 million) from the Danish Innovation Foundation, under the Innobooster Programme, for the development of its Group B Streptococcal Vaccine. 


Primary Endpoint Data from Phase I Part B

MinervaX announces that it today data have been received from the primary 3-month time point clinical endpoint of the Phase I Part B. The data supports dose-selection made based on Part A. The data further supports the vaccine is highly immunogenic already 14 days after the first dose, and that the antibodies are functionally active in killing Group B Streptococcus and preventing host-invasion.


Completion of enrolment of Phase I Part B

MinervaX announces that it today has enrolled and dosed the last of 240 subjects in it Phase I Part B Dose-confirmation trial on its Group B Streptococcal vaccine GBS-NN.