FP7 Grant

MinervaX announces that the NeoStrep consortium, consisting of Lund University (Sweden), MinervaX ApS (Denmark), CiToxLAB A/S (Denmark), and BioKinetic Europe Ltd. (UK), has been awarded EUR 6 million in funding under the European Commission FP7 Programme HEALTH, for the development of a novel innovative Group B Streptococcal Vaccine candidate, owned by MinervaX.

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Eurostar grant

MinervaX announces the award of a Eurostars Grant in collaboration with Bioneer (Denmark), The Danish Technical University (Denmark) and Telormedix (Switzerland) for the development of a LIPODEL adjuvant formulation of the NN GBS vaccine. Total grant budget amounts to 730,000 EUR.

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Technology Foundation grant

MinervaX announces the award of a grant from The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation together with The State Serum Institute and University of Copenhagen for the development and testing of a CAF Adjuvant formulation of the NN GBS vaccine as well as a Chlamydia vaccine candidate. The total grant budget amounts to 29.6 mDKK (3.9 mEUR).

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Danish government grant

MinervaX Announces the award of a 500,000 DKK (66,000 EUR) grant from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation — “Videnkupon”.

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