Our Approach

We are on a mission to address the pressing need for a novel prophylactic vaccine against Group B Streptococcus (GBS). Our lead candidate AlpN GBS is being tested in the clinic for use in pregnancy and in older people.

Our goal is to develop a vaccine that:

Protects against adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Protects the fetus in utero and newborns for up to 3 months after delivery.

Protects non-pregnant adults against GBS.

Alleviates the need for excessive use of antibiotics.

OUR SCIENCEAbout our vaccine

Our novel protein-only vaccine is based on fusions of highly immunogenic and protective protein domains from selected surface proteins of GBS - the Alpha-like protein family (AlpN).

About the Alp-family

There are six GBS Alp variants: Alpha C (AlpC), Rib, Alp1, Alp2, Alp3, and Alp4, of which Alp4 is extremely rare.

The C-terminal domain of the Alp proteins contains a cell wall-anchoring motif and the N-terminal domain protrudes from GBS’ polysaccharide capsule and is functionally active. Their extracellular exposure, combined with the exceptionally broad coverage of clinical isolates, makes Alp N-terminal domains (Alp-Ns) highly relevant as vaccine candidates.

Why an Alp approach

We believe our approach has the potential to deliver a vaccine with broad coverage and protection.

Our lead vaccine candidate, AlpN GBS, consists of two fusion proteins each containing two Alp N-terminal domains: GBS-NN (containing RibN and AlpCN) & GBS-NN2 (containing Alp1N and Alp2/3N) which are the most prevalent Alp serotypes and cover >99% of clinical GBS isolates.

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